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Monday, March 12, 2012

How to Rearrange Posts in Blogger

  1. Go to and click "Edit Posts".
  2.  click the "Edit" option on the post that you want to rearrange.
  3. Now click "Post Options" under "Labels:".
  4. Now Change the date and time.
  5. Now If you change the date to a more recent one, that post will come up as first and vice versa
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  2. Thanks that helped me out a lot and saved me more time trying to find the answer in help, etc.

  3. Thanks !!!!

    Its really helpful to me.

  4. Brother...thank you very much for the tips...i already think about it almost 1 week...luckily got tips from you bro..

    Trillion of thanks,

    Kuala Lumpur Malaysia


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